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Clitoral - Shunga

Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream

£ 30.95
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Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream
£ 30.95
Product description
All women are unique, and some reach orgasm easier than others. Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream from Shunga has been developed for women who would like to reach orgasm easier and faster. Apply a little cream to the clitoris to experience its warming effect, which will increase sensitivity and shorten the time it takes to climax. Shunga is an ancient erotic Japanese art form, depicting sensual scenes of couples in love, as well as foreplay and sexual positioning.
Heightens the sensitivity of the clitoral area
Easy to apply and suitable for massages
Developed in accordance with European standards and laws. Effectiveness depends on the individual. Not sold as a medicine and not intended to prevent, treat or cure illness
Brand Shunga 
Content 30.0 millilitre 
Product code 091830000 
EAN number 697309055000