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    The classics

    Are you looking for an exciting sex toy or maybe a wild roleplay costume? We have compiled our classics exclusively for you. They have written history and they are still very popular!

    Realistic dildos

    To achieve a pleasant feeling during insertion, the following dildos have a thick, round tip. In addition, the dildos can be attached to any surface and thus the solo fun can begin without hands, or with your partner.

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    Rabbit vibrators

    After the overwhelming success of the tarzan vibrator, new variations were conceived with the rabbit vibrator as one of the first. Like its predecessor, a rabbit vibrator stimulates both the vagina and the clitoris, meaning that this sex toy concentrates on several of your hot spots at once! It's no wonder that the rabbit vibrator has been a big hit for years now. Especially after an episode of Sex & the City, the rabbit vibrator became incredibly popular!

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    Fleshlight masturbators

    Have you always fantasized about an adventure with your favorite porn idols? Make your wildest dreams come true and enjoy a realistic feeling with one of the Fleshlight Girls! These masturbators are based on their specific oral, vaginal and anal openings. The Real Feel Super Skin material feels silky soft and lifelike. In addition, the inside of each sex toy is provided with unique studs and ridges, which makes every experience even more intense!

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    Air Pressure Vibrators

    Are you looking for something revolutionary that will surely bring you to climax? Then our selected air pressure vibrators are just right for you! Technically, they are not vibrators, but due to their enormous success, they definitely belong to our classics. The stimulating air pressure waves, massage the clitoris and create a pulsation that continues throughout your body! Sounds like fun? Then try one of our air pressure vibrator classics out!

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    Wand Vibrators

    Originally, this device was intended for the massage of muscles. Nowadays it is very popular to use your wand vibrator to explore and pamper your own body or that of your partner.

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    Glass dildos

    Ice cold or warm pleasure? A glass dildo can easily be heated or cooled for an even more intense experience. While a glass dildo may sound unusual, there are many benefits to it. For example, the glass dildo is hypo-allergenic, which means that an allergic reaction can be excluded. Moreover, the glass from which these dildos are made is not porous but very strong. The solid toys are made from one piece of extra strong glass and can therefore not just break or splinter.

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    Roleplay lingerie

    All possible boundaries in your love life are determined by erotic and exciting fantasies. With our sexy role play lingerie, anything is possible! Be a sexy nurse tonight, or seduce your partner in an exciting maid outfit. We are sure that we have the right piece for everyone.

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