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Trip To The Orient Massage Candle

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Product description
This Trip to the Orient Massage Candle from Petits Joujoux is made from natural waxes that melt at low temperatures, and infused with pomegranate and white pepper fragrances. When lit, the candle melts down easily to a sumptuous massage oil releasing these exquisite scents whose power is inescapably erotic. Light the candle, wait for a few minutes, extinguish the flame, and use the spout to pour the gently warmed massage oil onto your lover’s body. Ensure that you extinguish the candle before pouring.
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Brand Petits Joujoux 
Content 120.0 gram 
operation warming aphrodisiac 
contains aphrodisiacs 
Best for body 
odor pomegranate 
Product code 345100000 
EAN number 4260152467243