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    Womanizer Premium Eco

    The must-have from Womanizer goes GREEN.

    PREMIUM Eco keeps all the features that made Womanizer Premium a success while becoming the most ecological sextoys.

    PREMIUM eco is made from innovative Biolene - a unique bio-based material from Womanizer that is biodegradable. An excellent eco-friendly alternative to ABS plastic. Recycling is made effortless as PREMIUM eco can be fully disassembled into individual parts. Featuring a replaceable, rechargeable battery, which ensures your toy will perform for as long as you want it to.

    Additionnally, for every PREMIUM eco sold, Womanizer will plant one tree with the help of the nonprofit organization, One Tree Planted.

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    Air pleasure Technology

    The innovative Pleasure Air Technology stimulates your clitoris without even touching it. Soft, sucking sensations will bring you to a new kind of orgasm that's unparalleled to regular vibrators - and now even in a environmentally responsible way.

    Biolene Material

    The PREMIUM eco is made of the innovative Biolene - a unique material on a biological basis from Womanizer that is biodegradable. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to ABS plastic. If you decide to say goodbye to your PREMIUM eco, you can do so without producing waste!

    Smart Silent

    As soon as you start the PREMIUM eco, it starts in the very discreet Smart Silence mode as standard. Stimulation does not start until the sensor makes contact with the skin. As soon as there is no skin contact, the stimulator switches off automatically.

    USB rechargeable Eco

    The durable battery can be charged and can easily replaced. The magnetic charging cord is now 50% shorter than regular chord to reduce the PREMIUM Eco footprint.

    Extra stimulator heads

    The cap is removable and made of body-safe silicone. This way you can easily clean the cap with lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner. 2 caps are included in size S and M (15 and 17 mm) so that it adapts to your body.

    12 intensity levels

    The PREMIUM eco has 12 different intensity settings that can be operated with the push buttons on the ergonomically shaped handle.

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    Reviews for Womanizer products

    Womanizer Premium Black and Gold
    To get straight to the heart of the matter: this sex toy is an absolute wonder. Very fast orgasm guaranteed from the very first use. And not just any type of orgasm, a very intense orgasm, probably due to the high intensity (9 to 12). It's even quite disturbing the extent to which the body reacts mechanically to these stimuli. A piece of advice for girls hesitating: go for it!!
    Womanizer Liberty - Lilac
    This is an amazing product! I read a lot about it but it really does what it says. Orgasm guaranteed. It's easy to use, easy to hold and it's an incredibly luxurious, beautiful product. It also comes with a nice little bag and a design lid, so you can't even tell what it is. It looks more like a beauty product.
    Womanizer Duo - Bordeaux
    Never having used a sex toy before, I let myself be tempted by this on the back of all the positive comments and honestly, I am not disappointed!!! It is easy to handle and the device is soft to the touch. We quickly found the programming buttons.
    In terms of the orgasm, it's just great!!! Sure the price is a little high, but it's definitely worth it