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    Durex Condoms Orgasm Intense - 10 pcs

    £ 17.08
    10 pcs (£ 1.71 / item)
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    Product number : 3059948001478
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    Product information

    • With stimulating gel
    • Let her enjoy more
    • With ridges and dots
    • Warm and cold tingles
    • Preformed Pleasure-Fit for a perfect fit
    • Material: Latex
    • Content: 10 stuks

    Durex Orgasm Intense Condoms are stimulating condoms that pamper her more during sex. The ribbed and dotted condoms are equipped with stimulating textures and a special gel that will make intimate areas more sensitive. The alternating sensation of warm and cold tingles will ensure an unforgettable evening.

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 3059948001478
    • Brand: Durex
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Material: Latex
    • Content: 10 stuks
    • Original name: Durex Condoms Orgasm Intense - 10 pcs

    Properties of this condom

    • Condom characteristics: Extra stimulating
    • Condom thickness: Normal
    • Condom structure: Ripples, Gentle studs
    • Condom Size: Medium size
    • Taste condom: Neutral
    • Lubricant condom: Extra stimulating
    • Reservoir: Yes
    • Shape: Anatomical
    • Nominal width condom: 56 mm

    More specifications

    • CE tag: Yes
    • Weight: 45 gram
    • Package size: 3.5x6.5x12.5 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 3059948001478
    • Unit price: 10 pcs (£ 1.71 / item)

    Service & Returns

    Reviews (23)

    23 reviews
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    • Ben1998
      Good value for money. Pretty nice material.
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    • Louloutte
      Very pleasant, very nice sensations
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    • Thom
      Good condoms, a change from the normal flat condoms.
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    • Roy en Linda
      wrong choice made
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    • Sonya
      I love it! It's quite simple, I don't want any other!
      Very thin. Very smooth. Skin-like texture. Great taste in your mouth.
      And what I like most is the slight feeling of freshness that the stimulating gel provides. With the ribs (a bit like the veins), I almost feel like there is no condom at all!
      Even without lube, it's still very smooth!
      My darling loves stopping for cunnilingus, with the other condoms you have to put on a new one when you start again, but with this one you don't need to. I feel like it captures even the tiniest amount of liquid and soaks it up!
      Now we only swear by Durex Intense Orgasm!
      I recommend 100%
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    • Arno
      The best condom.
      I won't be buying anything apart from these from now on.
      Great texture, they are also very arousing for my girlfriend.
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    • jan
      We actually didn't notice anything about the so-called stimulant product. A condom is a condom and remains just a necessary evil.
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    • Ben1998
      Very good brand of condom. Pleasant sensations.
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    • Virgi
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      Very pleased with my purchase.
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