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    Yoni Egg - Size M - Amethyst

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    Product number : LAG-39873-amethyst
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    Product information

    • Egg for the pelvic floor
    • Increased sensitivity
    • More intense orgasms
    • High-quality gemstones
    • Ideal for postnatal rehabilitation
    • Helps prevent incontinence
    • Available in 5 gemstones
    • Colour: Purple

    What are Yoni Eggs?

    The word "Yoni" is Sanskrit and, in a broader sense, describes the vulva and vagina. The Yoni Egg itself is a gemstone that is inserted into the vagina to strengthen a woman's pelvic floor muscles.

    Why Strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles?

    The Yoni Egg is inserted vaginally and worn for a specific period of time. The vaginal and pelvic floor muscles contract around the egg, leading to alternating contraction and relaxation of the muscle area. It's important to stay in motion while wearing it – you can use it, for example, while showering or tidying up. Beginners can start with 15 minutes daily.

    After a few weeks, you will already feel the effects of the training. You can now better control the strengthened muscles. During sex, you'll notice positive effects, including increased sensitivity and enhanced ability to orgasm. You can also use Yoni Eggs for postpartum recovery or to prevent incontinence as you age.

    What Size Should I Use?

    When starting with Yoni practice, begin with the largest Yoni Egg, as your pelvic floor muscles aren't yet strong enough to hold smaller Yoni Eggs. So, start with the larger egg to help your muscles adjust. Experienced individuals can opt for a smaller egg in sizes M or S.

    How is the Yoni Egg Removed?

    To remove the Yoni Egg after the training, simply squat down and use your muscle strength to push it toward the vaginal opening until you can reach and remove it with your fingers.

    Please note: As the Yoni Egg is a natural product that's individually crafted, its weight and size may vary slightly.

    Overview of the 5 Variants:

    Yoni Eggs are beneficial not only for pelvic floor training but also for their unique material properties. Each gemstone is believed to have a special impact on the body. Here's more information about each:

    Rose Quartz (Pink): Unconditional love, forgiveness, promotes self-love and healthy relationships.
    Clear Quartz (White): Balancing, detoxifying, analgesic, and stimulating for the immune system.
    Obsidian (Black): Grounding, deeply cleansing, detoxifying, and enlightening for the mind.
    Amethyst (Purple): Protective, cleansing, and supportive of spiritual growth.
    Jade (Green): Harmony, prosperity, happiness, determination, and travel protection.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: LAG-39873-amethyst
    • Brand: La Gemmes
    • Colour: Purple


    • Stimulation Target: Vagina

    More specifications

    • User level: More Experienced
    • Weight: 125 gram
    • Package size: 5.5x6.5x8 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 8717903273326

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